Built in 1869 by John Quincy Adams Young, a prominent Oregon pioneer, the house became Cedar Mill’s first post office and served as a general store. It’s one of the oldest buildings in our area, and it’s going to be transformed into a community resource through the efforts of local citizens.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Preservation time line...

November 1997 “Friends of the John Quincy Adams Young House” is formed. They contact the Cedar Mill Bible Church with a proposal to develop the house and grounds as a park. The Tualatin Hills Park and Recreation District (THPRD) expresses interest in acquiring the house and property.

1998-2003 The Cedar Mill Bible Church and the THPRD enter into negotiations.

November 2003 THPRD starts to negotiate a price for the house and property.

December 2003 Polygon Northwest, Inc. purchases the Teufel Nursery, an approximately 90-acre parcel of land on Barnes Road. The JQA Young House is adjacent to Cedar Mill Falls and Cedar Mill Creek, which are designated as wildlife habitat and are part of the Teufel property. The Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District expresses an interest in developing a trail and parks in the area, which include the house, the falls and part of the creek.

February 2005 Tualatin Hills Park and Recreation District acquires the house and property.

May 2005 Tualatin Hills Park and Recreation District appoints a 13-member ad hoc committee to study restoration plans.

April 2006 The entire Cedar Mill Creek corridor from Cornell to Barnes is to be improved by Polygon Northwest and then passed to Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District. Amenities will include a trail that will begin at Foege Park, then continue along Cedar Mill Creek as a boardwalk which will run along the eastern boundary of the JQA Young House Park, and will be visible from an overlook platform near the house.

March 2006 The THPRD board unanimously accepts the management plan presented by the ad hoc committee. The board also determines to name the planned boardwalk is to be named the "Susan Conger Commemorative Boardwalk". The ad hoc committee is disbanded.

May 2006 Susan Conger, the chair of the Friends of the John Quincy Adams Young House and the hoc committee succumbs to cancer in May. In June 2006, THPRD general manager Ron Willoughby retires. With the initial goal of the Friends being accomplished, and with the loss of key personnel, momentum in the development of the property is temporarily slowed.

October 2007 The THPRD board accepts the master plan developed by McKay and Sposito Inc.
The first annual Cedar Mill Cider festival is held for fund raising.

February 2008 Washington County Cultural Grants provides funds to create a scale model of the JQAY House for publicity and fund raising purposes.

Oct 2008 Second annual Cedar Mill Cider Festival is held. Relatives of the Youngs and former residents of the house join in the festivities

December 2008 The JQAYoung house becomes listed in the National Register of Historic Places

January 2009 The Friends of the JQA Young House is formally reformed to support the THPRD in the restoration of the John Quincy Adams Young house through fund raising efforts.


Located close to the Sunset Transit Center and to local highways, the JQA Young House offers the potential for historical tourism, as well as a much-needed community meeting facility. When restored, it will be included in the history curriculum for local schools and will be a resource for all students of the Oregon Trail and pioneer history. The falls will be part of the park that will surround the house and grounds.

• Restore the exterior of the house to 1869, the period of its original construction
• Rehabilitate the interior of the house to bring it up to code, including electrical, plumbing, heating, and access
• Make the first floor and grounds of the house available for public and private community use and facility rentals, including passive historic interpretation of the interior, and development of opportunities for historic educational activities on the grounds
• Form a volunteer group affiliated with the Tualatin Hills Park Foundation to raise funds for the restoration and ongoing care of the property

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